It’s A Movie It’s A Dream – 2020

I know, I know.

It’s been a long time.

While many of these songs were begun as early as 2016, so much life has been happening. Many song ideas came and went. New songs came and this album began to take shape. The title has always been there, but its meaning has been fluid over the course of this project. And that is a great metaphor for this record. Because it’s about all of the things we know and can’t put into words. The things that are so real and so true that pinning it down only takes away from it. The ways in which grasping at it only leaves our hands empty. In the end, we must let it flow through us. All of it.

It may be a movie, it may be a dream, but it’s all real.

It’s all real.

– Josh Caress

August 2020