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Little Lights – 2015

The older I get, the less nervous I get about songwriting. This album was the culmination of a rough period in my life, where making music became less of a priority. There was a time where I wondered if I was done making albums. When I wrote the Awake demos, I was comforted to know … Continue reading Little Lights – 2015

Awake (Demos 2013) – 2015

I finished writing the last songs for the Come On Pilgrim! album sometime in 2011, and there was a lot of personal turmoil that followed. I didn’t write another song for nearly two years. Sometimes that’s the way it works – you can have so many feelings going on that it makes it impossible to … Continue reading Awake (Demos 2013) – 2015

Perestroika – 2010

I started working on this album alongside Wild Wild Love. Back then, the working title was Lies and it was a darker record. The tone was one of succumbing to forces beyond your control. Eventually (and thankfully), it became more like a battle, as the voice of resistance began to find its way through. I’ve … Continue reading Perestroika – 2010

Wild Wild Love – 2008

There was a period of time in the late 90s and early 2000s where I found it really hard to find good new music. I wasn’t cool enough to be in on the indie scene at that point, and the last good music on the radio had died out around 1995. So it was very … Continue reading Wild Wild Love – 2008

The Rockford Files – 2007

I’m sure no one who’s heard The Rockford Files will be surprised that the concept came to me almost immediately after hearing Sufjan Stevens’ Illinois in the summer of 2005 (I had actually written and recorded a version of “The Lights at Churchill Park” before leaving on tour that fall, but I ended up putting … Continue reading The Rockford Files – 2007